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Silos are the base for hygienic feed storage and effective accurate animal feeding.FDSP offers its customers external and internal silos including matching the needs of hygienic feed storage and automatic accurate animal feeding needs.

Advantages of FDSP Feed Silo
Silos made of galvanized sheet steel, All systems can be filled pneumatically or by auger. The respective silo size depends on daily feed consumption and required storage time.

FDSP feed silo advantages:
1. high-quality galvanization of all steel parts--long service life
2. trouble-free feed withdrawal due to optimum degree of slope in the silo funnel;
3. auger box either rigid or flexible, adjustable from 0 to 45° – ensures operational safety;
4. roof shape ensures use of the entire volume
5. high functional reliability

Feeding Into Silo and To Animal Food Line

Augers for Feed Transport for Feed Silo
With SRON, your feed –passes from the silo into the poultry house safely and without any loss of quality. We offer augers conveyor systems in a variety of sizes. Which system is the right one for you depends on your individual requirements

1. the SRON conveyor spiral comprises high quality and extremely flexible spring steel;
2. universal application for each type of house;
3. for high conveying capacities;
4. fast and easy assembly;
5. can be driven by means of a V-belt motor or a gear motor.

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